how long does rice last

How Long Does Rice Last: An Inclusive Guide to the Shelf Life of Ric

As a 21st century homeowner, you require knowing certain kitchen-related things. Having said that, how long does rice last is one of the things that you must know. One of the pantry staples, rice has an indefinite shelf life, especially the uncooked rice.

The aforementioned statement might be true with the uncooked rice. However, the cooked rice certainly has a limit to its shelf life. Whether or not you’ve already performed the sniff tests, here you’ll be enlightened with cooked rice’s shelf life.

But before shedding lights on the shelf life of rice, here’s presenting an introduction to cooked rice and its versatility.

how long does rice last

An Introduction to Cooked Rice

Cooked rice happens to be boiled or steamed rice. In other words, cooked rice is also defined as the rice that has come in contact with either heat or water. There’s no single way of cooking rice.

You can boil the rice with some cups of water and add salt in order to give it a soft texture. Alternatively, you can also make it half boiled and steam it with some veggies. There are other options for cooking rice.

You can try your hands on the fan-favorite garlic rice or brown rice. Whichever way you approach towards making a mouth-watering meal with rice, it surely would never dissatisfy you. Cooked rice is always served with some savory dishes like baked or fried meat, fish or more.

Additionally cooked rice is also used in the stir-fries. Moreover, using it as the sushi filling is also great to get a lip-smacking dish. The dishes that include rice are so convenient that people use leftover rice for meals. However, you should always make sure that you know how long does rice last especially after cooking it. To have proper knowledge about it, keep reading on.

How Long Does Cooked Rice Last?

Uncooked or raw rice might last for some years, but for cooked rice, things are certainly different. The plain cooked rice can go bad after a couple of days. And eating unhealthy cooked rice will result in dangerous outcomes, causing illness.

Hence, you should always take precautions to make sure that the cooked rice you consume is healthy. The leftover rice requires storing in a proper place. This will ensure and increase the shelf life of the cooked rice for a few days.

You should always make sure that the cooked rice isn’t left at the room temperature for more than 3 hours. If this happens, it’ll cause spores and change it into bacteria accordingly. This bacterium isn’t good for health, and it might give food poisoning to the person eating this rice.

As a matter of fact, this bacterium’s spores grow large families and end up giving deadly viruses. This means that storing your leftover rice is the only solution.

Signs Indicating Your Cooked Has Gone Unhealthy

When its super hard and dry

It happens to be an apparent visual clue for the unhealthiness of the cooked rice. With each day, the leftover rice in your refrigerator will have a tendency to dry out more. Upon becoming super hard, the grains might come with a crunchy texture as well.

The best time to have rice is within just a couple of days upon being cooked. You can store it in the airtight container in order to maximize its shelf life.

When it’s left unrefrigerated for more than a few hours

Minimizing the cooked rice’s time at room temperature is what everyone needs to know. The moisture-rich atmosphere will be ideal for the slowing down of bacterial growth. The uncooked rice might contain spores scientifically known as Bacillus cereus.

Upon cooking, these spores might survive. When the cooked rice isn’t stored in the correct place, the chances are high that it might give you food poisoning.

Cooking and Re-heating several times

When the rice is cooked and then re-heated several times, it becomes unhealthy to consume. The rule of the thumb is to reheat the rice not more than just once.

Thus, this brings the closure of this guide enlightening about the shelf life of cooked rice. Now that you know how long does rice last, you can proceed seamlessly.

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