Barbecue grill

Grill Lovers’ Tips for a Clean Grill

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your grill will make your grilling easy and convenient. Just follow these tips to get the most out of your investment and passion in BBQ/Grilling. TOP TIPS FOR A CLEAN BARBECUE 1. BRUSH THE GRILL WHILE IT’S HOT Always clean your barbecue while it is hot. This saves time and unnecessary wear[…]


POWER DUO: Grill Lovers’ Must have BBQ Gears and Gadgets!

Love BBQing and Grilling? Then you need to own this POWER DUO: Grill Lovers’ Must-Have BBQ Gears & Gadgets! Introducing GRILL LOVERS’ Premium Instant Read Cooking Thermometer & Premium BBQ Grill Brush. GRILL LOVERS’ PREMIUM INSTANT READ COOKING THERMOMETER WITH LONG PROBE:   CAN BE USED ON A LOT OF FOODS – the Premium Instant Read[…]