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Grill Lovers’ Tips for a Clean Grill

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your grill will make your grilling easy and convenient. Just follow these tips to get the most out of your investment and passion in BBQ/Grilling. TOP TIPS FOR A CLEAN BARBECUE 1. BRUSH THE GRILL WHILE IT’S HOT Always clean your barbecue while it is hot. This saves time and unnecessary wear[…]


Grill Lovers’ Guide in the Amount of Charcoal Usage

Consider this as your charcoal guide manual — how much to use, heat ranges, and a simple illustration guide to popular charcoal arrangements. How much charcoal should you use? This depends on what you are cooking, how much you are cooking and how hot you want the grill. If you need high heat, you’ll want[…]


POWER DUO: Grill Lovers’ Must have BBQ Gears and Gadgets!

Love BBQing and Grilling? Then you need to own this POWER DUO: Grill Lovers’ Must-Have BBQ Gears & Gadgets! Introducing GRILL LOVERS’ Premium Instant Read Cooking Thermometer & Premium BBQ Grill Brush. GRILL LOVERS’ PREMIUM INSTANT READ COOKING THERMOMETER WITH LONG PROBE:   CAN BE USED ON A LOT OF FOODS – the Premium Instant Read[…]


PRODUCT IN REVIEW: Grill Lovers’ Premium Instant Read Cooking Thermometer

  Attention cooks!  Do you want to become a REAL MASTER in cooking?  If the answer is yes, Grill Lovers has something for you!  The Premium Orange Thermometer on You will GET: Premium Quality – This is the best thermometer in the market right now from our trusted brand! For the best price! $145 Worth[…]


In Review: Grill Lovers’ Premium Instant Read Cooking Thermometer (Hot New Release)

Premium cooking thermometer from Grill Lovers Review – 2016 by NARDIBR of BBQ You may read this article and wonder – ” Why do I even need a cooking thermometer ? ”  A tool like this makes the difference between a perfectly cooked meal and an overcooked one . If you enjoy cooking and[…]

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Attention all Grill Lovers! There’s a Spice rub that is making waves in the Spice Industry and its getting rave reviews from BBQ’rs and Grillers who wants to always get an impressive and fantastic taste of their masterpiece. Introducing DOG DAY SPICE RUB! Available in 6 blends. All Handcrafted BBQ Rubs with NO MSG, Preservative or[…]



Every year, millions of American safely enjoys outdoor barbecues, but accidents are inevitable. According to the report of U.S. Fire Administration, they recorded about 5, 700 grill fires takes place on residential property every year, causing an annual average of $37 million in property damage, 100 injuries and 10 deaths. Most of these grill fires[…]