In Review: Grill Lovers’ Premium Instant Read Cooking Thermometer (Hot New Release)

Premium cooking thermometer from Grill Lovers Review – 2016 by NARDIBR of BBQ

You may read this article and wonder – ” Why do I even need a cooking thermometer ? ”  A tool like this makes the difference between a perfectly cooked meal and an overcooked one . If you enjoy cooking and want to get most out of your passion , a thermometer is your “Swiss knife” of cooking !


A good cooking thermometer can come in handy for people who want to make sure they have reached the right temperature to kill off bacteria from the food they’re cooking and prevent burning the food from the fear of the meal not being  hot enough . A professional cooker without a tool like this , is like a mechanic without a wrench !

There are plenty of products to choose from , but not are all the same. A good thermometer must be easy to use , give instant readings the last but not least , to have a great accuracy along with a wide temperature range 

Grill Lovers Premium cooking Thermometer is our most beloved thermometer to use for cooking enthusiasts , and for many simple, good reasons .


Your thermometer shouldn’t take too much space , that’s why this product is designed to be small but include all features so you won’t need to upgrade in the near future . The retractable long probe is really handy for measuring internal temperatures of large meals , like a turkey or chicken . 

Press the “ON” button and in less than 5 seconds , this thermometer will give you the exact temperature of your meal with an accuracy of ± 1℃ . It is advertised as “Laser Accurate” and that term is on point in our opinion !

However , not everybody knows or has the time to search for the optimal temperature needed for each meal .

Grill Lovers have thought of this , and have included a sticker on the product with ideal temperatures for different types of meals , both in Fahrenheit and Celsius , making your cooking process a whole lot easier . Here are some other nifty features of this thermometer along with the technical specs :


  • Temperature Lock
  • Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion
  • Magnetism Holder




Technical Specs

Brand Name Color Power Source Type Material
Grill Lovers Orange Battery-Powered Stainless Steel
Item Weight EAN Size Manufacturer Warranty Description
1.6 ounces 4861613198593 small 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the product you will get a FULL refund or a REPLACEMENT (by your choice).


The extremely wide temperature range from –58ºF to 572ºF  is more than enough for any type of food , not just BBQ meals .

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